More About Us!

Well you found us and we really appreciate it.  The Roaming Table Society is currently accepting memberships on a limited basis.  Need a little more info?  rad on as we answer a few FAQ’s.

1.  How often are the gatherings/dinners?

  • We try to schedule a gathering at least once per month. Sometimes more, sometimes less.

2.  How much does it cost?

  • You can join the society for a yearly membership.  It includes guaranteed seating at all of our 12 yearly events.  Access to super secret and exclusive events. Preferred Seating. Input on the creative end of events.  It is $1200 per year and per/person.
  • You can participate in dinners placing your name on the waiting list.  Each Dinner accommodates 12 to 24 people.  Space is limited and there is already a waiting list so sign up quickly.  Prices Range from $50 – $100 per person and is dependent upon the menu selections.

3. Can you invite your friends?

  • Society members are allowed to bring a guest to one event per year, free of charge.
  • All other seats are sold individually.

4.  What can I expect?

  • It’s always a surprise!  Expect the unexpected! Events are located in a different location with a different theme every time.  You CAN expect to have a refined and adventurous menu and a unique dining experience with FANTASTIC people!
  • Keep in mind that the location is secret until a few days before the event…that’s part of the fun!

5.  What if I have food allergies?

  • You can have your food allergies noted when you purchase your ticket and our chef will make every effort to accommodate you, within reason.
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  1. Julie S says:

    How can I sign up?

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